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Ludger Lamers

Ludger Lamers studied sports science, is a dancer, choreographer and sometimes teaches contemporary dance, alignment, improvisation and composition at European institutions, currently with the Companhia Olga Roriz in Lisbon. In 2010 he received the Förderpreis Tanz of the City of Munich, was a member of the jury for independent dance groups and of the RODEO Dance and Theatre Festival at the Munich Department of Culture. Current collaboration partners are Stephanie Felber, Katja Wachter and Katrin Schafitel, as well as Patricia London Ante Paris, Klaudia Schmidt/ Christopher Varner (Munich), Alexandra Rauh (Nuremberg), Lisa Thomas as well as MEINHARDT&KRAUSS (Stuttgart), sometimes Olga Roriz and Carlos Zingaro (Lisbon).




ELIZA uncanny love


cinematic theatre

Kleinhohenheim 1
70599 Stuttgart

Tel: 0711 25371635


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