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Replik.A ...the first attempt...


REPLIK_A_Trailer from MEINHARDT & KRAUSS on Vimeo.



"Nothing is original" Jim Jamusch

Like God or the gods, we are creating artificial intelligences and humanoid robots.
With the current scientific advances in genetic engineering, AI and robotics, the subject of the doppelganger is booming. Fascinated by the possibility of being overtaken by the ghosts we have summoned, we are moving towards the singularity as if we can hardly wait to abolish ourselves. Is the human being an obsolete system?

In "Replik.A ...the first attempt..." we confront our hero with various images, replicas of himself. The uncanny valley emerges as a concrete place on stage, populated by puppets, avatars and a robotic humanoid, all doppelgangers of our courageous protagonist, who sets out to learn to fear. Disturbed and fascinated at the same time, he dares to take a look behind the mirror, at the back of himself, to learn to be afraid at the sight of his shadow, his other self, his dark twin.
Let's better call our hero a fool, who now holds up a mirror to us, the audience, through his fearlessness and audacious wit.

"We develop and master robots, but everything ends up being about humans. Researching robots is equal to the understanding of human beings." Takeshi Mita



FUNDED BY Konzeptionsförderung Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V. (LaFT BW), Konzeptionsförderung Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., Stadt Stuttgart, FITZ! Stuttgart



PREMIERE 3rd November 2023

Play/Dance: Ludger Lamers

Video Design: Lieve Vanderschaeve

Music/ Sounds: Thorsten Meinhardt

Robotic-Conception / Robotic-Construction: Nils Bennett, Michael Krauss

Robotic-Programming: Michael Krauss

Silkonabformung/ Silikonbemalung: Jörg Steegmüller/ Steegmüller Skulpturen

Costume: Katharina Ruprecht

Scenography: Iris Meinhardt / Michael Krauss

Light/Technique: Alexander Schmidt

Director: Iris Meinhardt




"Durch einen Spiegel in einem dunklen Bild" by Albert Kümmel-Schnur

15.11.2023 in seemoz



cinematic theatre

Kleinhohenheim 1
70599 Stuttgart

Tel: 0711 25371635


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