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What are a cabaret artist, a magician and a dancer doing together in a film studio near Stuttgart? What sounds like the beginning of a silly joke is part of an unusual project. The reason for this unusual gathering is the new art and culture project "KunstCaching", which is currently being developed under the direction of the mime Pablo Zibes (


Together with around 50 artists and 30 Stuttgart cultural institutions, he is in the final phase of his ambitious project, which aims to bring the diversity of Stuttgart's cultural scene closer to the people of the city. How does it work?


The idea is basically simple: QR codes are placed near selected cultural venues in the city, participants scan them and turn from scavenger hunters into spectators. The QR codes give a short, digital impression of culture. The motifs and genres are very different: whether music, comedy, dance, text or sculpture - a wide variety of art forms are given a virtual "1-minute stage".


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New Project


This June 18th we will celebrate the premiere of our new project "SACRE 4.0". After "ALICE lost in cyberland" this is the second piece of the current triology LOST/SACRIFICED/REPLACED, which deals with our society in a highly technological age. Analogue and digital reality blur and bring forth both new possibilities and risks. 


"SACRE 4.0" translates Igor Stravinsky's "Le sacre du printemps - the sacrifice of spring" into a contemporary theme of cyberbullying and violence in the digital sphere. MEINHARDT&KRAUSS particulary invites young adults to see this mulimedial play and engage critically with their own everyday reality.


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